Guidelines for authors

To write article, please respect the format according to Word or latex, or to respect the instructions indicated below:

This text presents the instructions to be respected imperatively to guarantee the quality and the homogeneity of the communications to be appeared in the acts of the IJ-STA.  It will be used as model for all the communications composed with the Word software, in particular for the first page, the heading, the inters, etc


The main body of the text is in Times New Roman, 10pt on 12pt, lower case, without breaks in the text, and with a 5mm indent at the beginning of each paragraph (Format>paragraph>indent>1st ligne>positive>0.5 cm). All text is justified. A space of 6pt should be left between each paragraph (format > paragraph > spacing after > 6pt).



The pages have the following characteristics :

– Width of text (or justification): 122 mm exactly,

– Height of text, including notes: 193 mm maximum.

If you are using Word, use the following settings to give a block of text 122mm x 193mm. In the menu go to:

– File > page setup > Margins :  Top:            5,2 cm

                                                        Bottom:      5,2 cm

                                                        Left:            4,5 cm       Header     4,4 cm

                                                        Right:          4,5 cm      Footer       4,4 cm  


All headers should be in Times New Roman 9pt, appearance normal.

View > Header and Footer > On the Header and Footer toolbar click the Page Setup icon > Click the layout tab > check the Different odd and even and different first page boxes

View > header:

even page > page number (#) followed by five blank spaces and then the conference title, topics, and the number of pages.

odd page > (short) title of the article: 40 characters maximum, then 5 spaces and the page number.

Composition of the first page of the article

The title of the article must be informative and concise (maximum: 3 lignes). When the title exceeds 40 characters, the author should provide a shortened version for the header of odd-numbered pages. The title is in Times New Roman, bold, 18pt on 20pt, aligned left. It is followed by two blank lines on 12 pts exactly. If there is a sub-title, it is in Times New Roman, bold, 12pt on 16 pt, preceded and followed by a blank line.

The author(s)’(s) names are next, in Times New Roman 10pt on 14pt, bold.

The author(s)’(s) details (affiliation, professional address, e-mail address, no telephone number or fax) are in Times New Roman 9pt on 12pt, italic with a blank line above and below.

The abstract and keywords must be given in English (and French if needed) in the following order (when the article is in English): Abstract, résumé, keywords, mots-clés. All of this is in Times New Roman, italic, 9pt on 11pt (except the headings ABSTRACT, RÉSUMÉ, etc., which are in small capitals, 9pt on 11pts), with 3pt between paragraphs.

At the foot of the first page the even header is reported as well as the pagination of the article. It is in Times New Roman 9pt and will be created by the production department when the whole issue is put together.

Paragraph titles and headings

All titles and heading should be aligned left, with no indent, numbered decimally (always in roman even if the followinf title is in italic). The spacing before and after headings depends on their location in the text (at the top of a page, followed by another heading, etc.). They are presented as follows:

2. Level 1 (26 pts above, 14 pts below)

2.1. Level 2 (22 pts above, 11 pts below)

2.1.1. Level 3 (style Inter-3) (12 pts above, 6 pts below) Title level 4 (style Inter-4) (12 pts above, 6 pts below)

Headings should not be isolated at the bottom of the page, they should always be followed by a paragraph.