Volume 2 - Nunber (2) - December 2008

 International Journal on Sciences and Techniques of

Automatic control & computer engineering - IJ-STA

 Volume 2, N° 2, December 2008 



Robust Decoupling Control for Mobile Manipulators Based on Disturbance Observer

M. Jallouli, M. Boukattaya, T. Damak 

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Modelling and Control of a Power Electronic Cascade for the Multi DC Bus Supply of a Three-Level NPC VSI

D. Beriber, A. Talha, F. Bouchafaa, M.S. Boucherit and E.M. Berkouk

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On SHMP scheduling of surfaces treatment line based on margins measures

I. Mhedhbi, H. Camus, E. Craye and M. Benrejeb

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Control of Double Fed Induction Generator for Wind Conversion System

D. Saidani, O. Hasnaoui and R. Dhifaoui

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Modeling and control energy management of an hybrid system associated a continuous load and coupled with the electrical network

M. N. Mansouri, M. Mansour and M.F.Mimouni

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C Static Output-feedback controller design for Two-Dimensional Roesser models

M. Nachidi, F. Tadeo, A. Hmamed and M. Alfidi

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State feedback control design for a class of nonlinear systems

S. Hajji, M. M’Saad, M. Farza, A.Chaari and M. Kamoun

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Detecting and Isolating Actuators Faults of Steam Boiler

A. Aitouche and and B. Ould Bouamama

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Design of the time-varying parametric estimation method using the Kalman filter

A. Abid and M. Kamoun

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Performance of a Sensorless Direct Torque Flux Control Strategy for Induction Motors

A. Abbou and H. Mahmoudi

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Fuzzy speed regulation for induction motor associated with field-oriented control

A. Mechernene, M. Zerikat and M. Hachlef

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Color image segmentation using the Dempster-Shafer evidence theory for the fusion of uncertain information sources

S. Ben Chaabane, M. Sayadi, F. Fnaiech and E. Brassart

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 ISSN: 1737-7749, Volume 2, December, 2008.

 Edition: Academic Publication Center, CPU, Tunisia.