IJSTA - Volume 3 - Number (1) - July 2009

 International Journal on Sciences and Techniques of

Automatic control & computer engineering - IJ-STA

 Volume 3, N 1, July 2009 



Tensor-based methods for system identification Part1:Tensor tools

G. Favier and A. Y. Kibangou 

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Tensor-based methods for system identification Part2: Three examples of tensor-based system identification methods

G. Favier and A. Y. Kibangou

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Generalized Predictive Control for Single-Link Flexible Joint Robot

A. Merabet and J. Gu

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Robust adaptive fuzzy sliding mode PI control of unknown nonlinear

I. Lagrat and I. Boumhidi

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Method of least square for the linear model to extract the neuronal activity of IRMf

K. EL Kourd

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Identification of the Structure and the Parameters of Volterra models using crosscumulants

K. Abderrahim, H. Mathlouthi, F. Msahli and G. Favier

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Three -phase Active Power Filter Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller

S. Kerrouche and F. Krim

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A study of the color-structure descriptor for shot boundary detection

A. Ben Abdelali, M. N. Krifa, L. Touil, A. Mtibaa and E. Bourennane

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Torque Maximization and Sensorless Control of Induction Motor in a Flux Weakening region

A. Ben Ali, A. Khedher, M. F. Mimouni and R. Dhifaoui

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Constrained Fuzzy Based Model Predictive Control with Disturbances

S. Bououden, A. Elkebir, I. Boulkaibet and S. Filali

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 ISSN: 1737-7749, Volume 3, July, 2009.

 Edition: Academic Publication Center, CPU, Tunisia.