IJSTA - Volume 3 - Number (2) - December 2009

 International Journal on Sciences and Techniques of

Automatic control & computer engineering - IJ-STA

 Volume 3, N 2, December 2009 



New Nonlinear Output Feedback Controller for Stabilizing the Colpitts Oscillator

S. Hammami, M. Benrejeb and P. Borne 

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Sensors-based data fusion solution design for 3D motion estimation with application in Bio-logging

H. Fourati, N. Manamanni, L. Afilal and Y. Handrich

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Using fuzzy logic to approach a control or classification problem: case study of a grading system of cereals

M. N. Lakhoua and M. Annabi

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Image Compression Using Block Trunca-tion Coding

M. M. Almrabet, A. R. Zerek, A. Chaoui and  A. A. Akash

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Graph Cut Based Segmentation of Brain Tumor From MRI Images

V. Chen and S. Ruan

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Electric and spectral characterization of a high pressure mercury lamp used in the photochemical treatment

L. Bouslimi, M. Stambouli, A. Chammam, J. P. Cambronne and G. Zissis

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Diagnosis and Detection Fault in Induction Motor Fed by Three Multi level Inverter

Y. Soufi, T. Bahi, M. F. Harkat and I. Atoui

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Simulation and Hardware Investigation of the Multi-tone Pulse Amplitude Modulation Using Few Components

H. B. Bouraoui, A. R.  Zerek, M. M. Abdalla and M. B. Almeheday

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A novel matrix converter based single phase to three phase converter

B. Baskaran, S. P. Natarajan, S. Sivagamasundari and D. Thamilarasi

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Managing dynamics of human resource and knowledge management in organizations through system dynamics modelling

I. Aburawi and  K. Hafeez

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 ISSN: 1737-7749, Volume 3, December, 2009.

 Edition: Academic Publication Center, CPU, Tunisia.