The conference STA'2019 publishes papers on theoretical analysis, experimental studies and applications in the field of automatic control and computer engineering. This conference is, therefore, not only a forum where researchers, scientists and engineers can exchange their knowledge and experience, but also serves as an educational channel for students and others who would like to discuss the latest research and developments, and to learn more about the new trends in this field of study. The Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Adaptive control

Agricultural processes

Artificial vision

Automotive control

Biomedical control systems

Biotechnological processes

Chemical process control

Communication systems

Control architectures

Digital and analogue control

Discrete-event systems

Distributed systems

Decentralized control

Education and training

Electrical machines

Electrical networks

Embedded systems


Evolutionary computation

Fault diagnosis systems

Fault-tolerant systems

Fuzzy systems

Hybrid systems


Image processing

Industrial automation

Industrial networking

Intelligent control systems

Large-scale systems

Learning systems

Manufacturing systems

Measurement engineering


Modeling and simulation


Multivariable systems

Neural networks

Networked systems

Non-linear systems

Optimal control

Power systems control

Process control

Predictive control

Real-time control


Robust control

Sensors and actuators

Smart Control

Signal processing

Smart structures control

Stochastic systems

Supervision systems

Transportation systems