IJSTA - Volume 4 - Number (2) - December 2010

 International Journal on Sciences and Techniques of

Automatic control & computer engineering - IJ-STA

 Volume 4, N° 2, December 2010 



Numerical methods for stochastic simulation of biochemical systems

M. Ben Hassine, R. Mhiri and L. Mili 

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Vehicle Detection Using Horizon and Base Approaches for the Real Time System

B. Daya, A-H. Akoum and R. Abdallah

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Neural emulator and controller with decoupled adaptive rates for nonlinear systems : application to chemical reactors

A. Atig, F. Druaux, D. Lefebvre, K. Abderrahim and R. Ben Abdennour

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Sensorless Sliding Mode Control of Induction Motor Pump fed by Photovoltaic Generator

M. A. Khalfa, A. Sellami and R. Mhiri

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Evaluation of the Worst-Case Performance of Active Filters using Robust Control Ideas

M. J. Hayes,, F. Tadeo and J. Salazar

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Design of a recursive parametric estimation algorithm for an asynchronous machine

N. Damak and S. Kamoun

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Maximum-Torque and Maximum- Efficiency Rotor Flux Selection of an Induction Motor in Transient Regime

A. Ben Ali, R. Abdelati, M. F. Mimouni and R. Dhifaoui

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Design of an Electrical Syringe Pump Using a Linear Tubular Step Actuator

I. Saidi, L. El Amraoui Ouni and M. Benrejeb

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Agents Petri Nets: Theory and Application

A. Mahfoudhi, B. Marzougui and M. Abid

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Comparison between Polya’s theorem and Sum-of Squares Approaches for relaxing conditions in fuzzy control  

F. Delmotte, M Ksantini and A. Ellouz

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 ISSN: 1737-7749, Volume 4, December, 2010.

 Edition: Academic Publication Center, CPU, Tunisia.