Volume 2, Special Issue on Control and Electrical Machines, December 2008

 Guest Editors of Special Issue on "Control and Electrical Machines", CEM’08.

 Mohamed BOUSSAK, Ecole Centrale, University of Marseille, France.

 Larbi CHRIFI-ALAOUI, LTI, University of Picardie Amiens, France.  



High performance speed tracking of induction motor using an Adaptive Fuzzy-Neural Network Control

M. Zerikat and S. Chekroun 

(Full Paper )



Fast Algebraic State and Parametric Estimation in AC Machines

H. Khammari and M. F. Mimouni

(Full Paper )


Power Flow Control and VAR Compensation in a Doubly Fed induction Generator

K. Jemli, M. Jemli, M. Gossa and M. Boussak

(Full Paper )



Radial Piezoelectric Transformer Study

A. Chérif, M. Meddad and S. Belkhiat

(Full Paper )



Modeling of magnetic hysteresis and calculation of field in magnetic medium

A. Ladjimi and M. El Rachid Mékideche

(Full Paper )



Carrier overlapping PWM methods for single phase cascaded five level inverter

B. Shanthi and S. P. Natarajan

(Full Paper )



Adaptive Observer for MIMO nonlinear systems: Real- time Implementation for an induction Motor

S. Aloui, T. Maatoug,  A. Chaari, Y. Koubaa

(Full Paper )



A Mixed Linear Program for a Multi-Part Cyclic Hoist Scheduling Problem

A. El Amraoui, M.-A. Manier, A. El Moudni  and M. Benrejeb

(Full Paper )



Evaluation of available power quality disturbance generators for testing of power quality mitigation devices

A. Teke, M.E. Meral and M. Tümay

(Full Paper )



The Classical and Analytic DTC for Photovoltaic Panel Position and Control

B. Bouzidi, Abderrazak Yangui and Fatma Ben Salem

(Full Paper )



On reactive power control of power systems including wind energy and unified power flow controller (UPFC)

H. Brahmi and R. Dhifaoui

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 ISSN: 1737-7749, Volume 2, Special issue, December, 2008.

 Edition: Academic Publication Center, CPU, Tunisia.